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Lynn A

FlyLady and her crew, are people that have helped bring this 'CHOAS' situation out in the open. Being more aware of my situation, journey, emotions, and having more rules, better habits and routines to make my life, emotions and environment better.

I've been at this new way of living for almost 5 years (January 2007) of making a plan and following through and decluttering not being so distracted by other's problems.

My comment, suggestion was that the FlyLady 'clingy' didn't seem appropriate for me. I am a very positive person and not a fisherman or a person with wings. I suggested another clingy.

I am obese, sickly, and could also be FlyLady's sis.
When I requested the 'body cutter word' put in the subject line so I could read about it through the daily digests was also told that they wouldn't do that.

So although I'm doing much better than 5 years ago, the advertising on each testimonial almost makes me ill.

I don't want anything in my home that I don't absolutely love, and can use including the clinging of the flying fisherwomen.

I'm on several sites where we talk about FLYLady things. Change is what happens when things aren't working as best as it should be.
We can't predict the future but we know what didn't work in the past.

I can see now that being better organized and having learned rules and changing my way of thinking has helped even my relationships.

I realize now that the immature person inside of me, 'My inner brat' is more under control now than ever. Just being aware that the procrasinator/shopper in me has a name, and that I can control my situtation by the way I think.

Emotions, I'm not behind but the weather is catching up to me, my garden needs to get to bed now, before the snow flies like just four hours away from me.

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