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It sounds like Patoo the Trad is also the one who sabotages Pat the Egal sensible one's attempts to go to bed at a decent hour. I'd suggest that Pat the Egal rule authoritatively on this issue since she is obviously the one best qualified to make the bedtime decision - although she shouldn't take any pleasure in having Patoo the Trad obey her as this would contradict her innermost beliefs. If Pat the Egal is unable to get Patoo the Trad to comply then I suggest that the next debate should be "Does Egalitarian Thinking Schismatize the Female Brain?" Maureen

Pat Gundry

Pat: I don't think egalitarian thinking schismatizes either female or male brains. But, I think traditionalist thinking does require a sort of schismatization of the female brain, because women are forced to disregard their own perceptions in order to follow its precepts.

Maybe Patoo and I just have a split
personality, independent of our egalitarianism.

Patoo: No, we don't.

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