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Thomas Leonard's 28 Principles of Attraction

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Christian Mickelsen

Wow! Someone finally said what is really happening in the world of coaching. I agree with you 1000000%! This is what everyone is thinking and few are saying.

Thanks for writing it so perfectly.



Spot on Pat!

I was seduced by T, and loved every minute of it. Belonged to many R & D teams and felt part of something grand and like we were building something important.

The current CV is a ship going nowhere.

But, I've been forced to forge my own goals and chart my own course.

Maybe not a bad thing


Great post, Pat... you succinctly stated the thoughts of so many of us who actually connected with Thomas in one way or another. And I love your idea of a coalition of the original team... I can picture their faces in my mind!

m smith

I am researching getting into coaching and after talking to someone with CV and ESPECIALLY after listening to just one of their "Caffeine" calls... i was really questioning them.

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