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It is a compulsion and an obsession. I hit various websites frequently everyday to see how everything is unfolding and all the commentary and conjecture behind it. I guess my fear is that I'll miss something super-crucial that will make my understanding deeper. I do need to schedule a no-media week soon - it can really overtake your life. You can't focus on dinner or a movie because you can't stop thinking about prison torture. I was never this much of a newshound. The past few years have changed much for me in terms of realizing the discrepancy between our internal media in the United States versus how things are being portrayed on the outside. I just don't think you can get the truth from the large, corporate-owned, military-contractor-owned media. This lack of diversity in points of view is our undoing.


I have also heard that you should turn off the TV or computer at least 2 hours before you go to bed to give your brain time to recover from the stimulation it receives. Not that I personally do this often, but I do fall asleep a lot faster when I haven't been on the computer or watching the news just before bed.


NASA's recently released Future of War power point mentions CNN Syndrome--ant the document is from just before 9/11. So the term is a little older!

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