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connie breedlove

Pat, I like the Underwoman article--the picture at the end is perfect!!!


This was great, Pat! I do not enjoy debating with people who think patriarchy is God's gift to the world, and feminism is the root of all evil. The egal/comp debate has gone too far, IMO - and hasn't achived anything useful.

Actually, the more I listen to the debate, the more it sounds to me like the Terrance and Phillip act from South Park.


I agree with you so much about hierarchies. Heterarchy is a new concept for me, and I like it and will remember it, so thanks for that.

I'm born and raised in the southern U.S., so guess how familiar I am with fundamentalists? Yeesh. You are so right about "authority over" just being power that gets abused.

I think one of the tragedies in all of this is that religious fundamentalism gives religion a bad name. That can operate to make some people skeptical toward all forms of faith and belief. In a sense, that amounts to robbing someone of whatever their own experience of belief might have been had it not been effaced and supplanted by a perverse parody.

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