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Do they EVER make their presense known !!! I was awfully allergic to dandelions for as long as I remember myself. I loved them, and I always wanted to pick them...but approaching them would make me so ill, I had to give up on that idea. Eventually I simply amused myself by looking at them from a distance.


Hee hee - I remember endless elementary school recesses spent blowing the puffball seeds of a dandelion into the window (followed by much wheezing and coughing from my allergies). This reminds me of Opus the Penguin's dandelion break.


Hi Pat,

Congrats on getting your blog started...great to see you in Andy's class.

I loved your dandelion post...reminds me of how delightful it was (and is) to pick a ripe dandelion head, round and full of seeds, and with one big breath, to launch all those tiny parachutes into the world.


So - a whole month + at blogging. Love your entries. I'll put you on my 'favourites' and check in regularly.

Greetings from the North of England

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