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Some people may not believe this post. I do. My Texas mama is a finger licker, but (thanks be to God) I never acquired the habit. But I know where you hail from, and I'm surprised that it is such a finger-lickin' capitol!


The good doctor, D.P. tagged me for a meme about two of our favorite blogs. I picked this one, because (after all) I could only pick ONE of your informative and insightful blogs. See the post here:

Pat Gundry

About the local fingerlickers and Dorcas being surprised that they are such devotees of the practice: said citizens are cleanliness oriented, but not necessarily sanitarily so, important, though not obvious, difference.

Thanks for the meme tag. When I get my marathon back under way I may tag too. And, thanks mucho for the kind words about my blogs!!

Connie Johnson

I just wanted to say I experience "finger lickers" on a daily basis. I am writing an article for a portfolio and thought I would google "finger lickers" and was surprised to see how many other people share the same thoughts as I do about this "epidemic". Great blog!


you are my hero

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